lunes, 13 de diciembre de 2010

The end of the world

The end of the world

We want or not to the Earth and everything has a beginning and an end, we all know that the Sun one of the most charming celestial bodies that everyone has enjoyed has felt the heat on your skin, has enjoyed a wonderful evening, or because not a magnanimous sunrise at five billion years perhaps will have died according to the scientists, they say that the Sun to go grow so engullirá our planet in its fatal journey, the Sun is a star in the universe, all the stars are sadly dying but they give life to another system. Our planet is available to be bombed by some external object, a meteorite or perhaps some planet coming out of its course.
You've probably heard about the extinction of the dinosaurs and as there is a theory about a meteorite that fell in Yucatán Mexico even now a resort where you can go to visit, there are many craters.

The Moon is unequivocal signal of how dangerous can be a meteorite, there are thousands of marks on the surface of a very eventful life, but the moon also has other secrets, she is slowly separating land, is real before was more fences and why had huge waves that whip Earth, now continuing having tide but is no longer as big as before, imagine a world without the Moon, tides and waves may there would be no life in the sea and sea is all that exists, if the sea dies just everything.

Now talking also about the Earth, there used to be a single continent called Pangea, are now separated in several continents, very interesting and beautiful, but it is not always, everything returns to happen, our continents are separating, someday will again join, bad in a continent in scepter it is more difficult to reach water and moisture, so it would have been great deserts, where nothing escaped strong rays of the Sun, maybe already by then already and there is human life.

Now that if you go back your attention to the Sun, there are the so-called solar storms, everything points to 2012, as date solar storms are very strong, it did long ago destroyed that existed at that time the Telegraph, but now who depends not on energy, everything is energy, electricity, we depend on electric power, if a large storm and were not ready, electricity network would be destroyed leaving us in a very large scientific delay, we let the era of the details provided oil, will not be completed because then if we're fried, out of gas goodbye cars and transport, aircraft goodbye

And finally everyone talks about the prophecies of the Maya, up to a few years ago no one refuted them, now there are many articles denying the prophecies, it all depends on who says, many only looking to create chaos and fear, but as I remember about the only Maya say that it will have an awake where can see the world differently, as it is for many the end of the world 2012 or that is what they say.

By wherever you see first it sooner or later something will happen, the world and all that exists will disappear, ourselves someday we will leave, that whether it will be our end of the world, but worry about what will happen, better lives today, live life as if they were the last seconds of your existence, don't think so much in a world that will be, because the time is running out, total spend what you need to pass while you lived as you wanted, that whether a few minutes comes the end of the world.

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