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Prophecies 2012


People watch carefully to satisfy the prophecies of our ancestors, especially that of the Maya, who were very precise in giving a date, even going to detail that events would go complying at the time you are running. They are seven prophecies where there is a very specific data and perhaps a bit creepy and eerie because we are approaching the day more and more. It is not for less, for the exact date is the morning of Wednesday 21 December 2012.

Everyone is thinking about, even as having debuted films on the subject, everyone believes in the disaster in change
weather, we want to believe there is something really wrong is close, but in reality if you think well we are so exposed to be destroyed without knowing it at any time, there are thousands, rather than millions and millions of celestial bodies out there, live in a world so fragile and chaotic as our life. To begin our planet, one day will be swallowed by the Sun, when it dies, then there is not a single be upon the face of the Earth even our wonderful monuments will persist, will be deleted from the ground, perhaps of millions of years, but that's inevitable, is a destination that has our beautiful land.

Nothing is forever, the same as strong Maya, possessed a wonderful wisdom and absolute power over other peoples of the Americas, but they were defeated by the power of the Spanish. They knew the secrets, wrote to us what might happen to us in the future, they knew that we coming from the light, they understood everything has life and breathe. Perhaps lost much of their knowledge, but at least they left us the main message soon comes Galactic dawn.

I really don't think the world to end and as I recall having read about the Mayans, does not predict a world filled with chaos and destroyed but rather a world wakes up to the light, a global change, is a different way in which we will see the world, perhaps all, perhaps we have learned to see our lives badly and everything, because ultimately what we see is a way in which we perceive the world. What you see perhaps I do not see him, it all depends on you have learned to see and I have learned to see during all this time in which continuous live.

If you get to think, everyone believed that something would happen, then in 2000, in 1996 but does not have step. That it happened is an increase in discoveries, we have better technology increasingly better and returning to the above our technology can be our own downfall because a strong solar storm may leave us in the stone age. In reality life is an illusion, how wonderful would that people would not have to work long hours of work to earn a meager salary, unfortunately our way of life requires that you do not know and he has not learned anything in this life, is that should work longer and with salary almost to taunt them.

Perhaps education is very important, but if everyone knew to do great things baths, who would make the toilet who cleansed the floors, that if we made it to the robots, while not planning to.

Perhaps we can be happy without having to be always working, stressed every day, having so many places to enjoy as many sunrises and sunsets to be seen, but we keep in the dark room, an Office or perhaps even worse in a factory.

You can see a different you see myself, perhaps and after all world, life is not more than one way in which we perceive the world, for some is a horrible place full of poverty, betrayals, affection, loss and hard work with few gains for others different, is a wonderful world, where there is love, peace, joy and more than enough to live, where do not mind you when to end the world while today live as you want, full finish the world when you need to end.

The world ends, not when the chaos, either when you die people, animals and plants on the face of the Earth, or when explode stars or when the Sun engulf our land to his own death, but when your close eyes forever, this is your end of the world, inevitably you've probably gone.

Then, so have so afraid about a possible end of the world, if for many people today are dying, for them today was the end of the world, we should enjoy our lives so much, that when that day comes inevitable, say, beautiful life I had.

Don't worry so much, scientists are doing his work for you, someday will live longer, or perhaps we will already be on another planet colonizing it.

We are dreams, living in a blue, a wonderful Sun planet, glowing, but we hope even Galactic dawn, where all vibrate with joy therefore already soon we evolve to a being that it understood that we were created to be happy in this life today.

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